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BJ Thomas drummer Mel Watts

the cymbal mute works beautifully, I'm playing with a Beatles tribute group here in California and snare drum mute is perfect. ... I used duct tape and a towel before for the Ringo tone but your Mutes look better and sound better.
        Mel Watts
        Drummer for BJ Thomas

From drummer Frank Russolello

Ok, my prognosis: I love these. unlike other solutions, they don't Kill tone. I think they'd work great not just for rehearsal but even for low volume situations like restaurant gigs and church services. For rehearsal, they are a slam dunk. Far, far better than other muting options I have looked at. They successfully reduce volume while still leaving some drum behind, and they don't affect or change the feel of the rebound. They can be added and removed super easily. A snare with a Drumtee is a Far superior solution to a practice pad. I'm glad I found these. They are very helpful.
Frank Russolello

Record Producer Nygel Asselin The Farm Studios

I recently worked with a drummer that had your products and they proved to be really useful.
       Nygel Asselin, Record Producer
       The Farm Studios
       Vancouver Canada

From drummer Steve Davis:

I LOVE this thing.They allow the drum to feel the same but at a reduced volume. All of my students have these and love them. Imagine your drums retaining the feel but much softer. A fantastic, much needed product for the "practicing" drummer. Congratulations! I am a fan.
       Your drumming friend
       Steve Davis

From Cairo's Matt Sullivan

Drumtee mutes are all over CAIRO's album "A History of Reasons" - From the smooth and subtle tones they created for the verses of songs like "Kingdoms" and "Age/Sex/Race" to the almost electronic feel they helped to create in the verses of "With You" and "One at a Time". These things are even better live, not only do they provide full rebound and mic-up great, but they are on and off between songs in seconds flat and once they are on - they stay on (unlike the shirts or blankets I often see drummers lay over drums to create a similar effect). Simply an amazing product that I couldn't do without!!
        Matt Sullivan - CAIRO

Moyo, RCCG

The Drumtees were an easy inexpensive and very effective solution to our sound issues at my church. As the drummer for my worship team I was subjected to playing electronic drums for a while due to the fact that the acoustic drums were too loud, and I must be honest, that severely affected how I enjoyed playing and limited me from connecting with the music and my Worship. However, with the drumtees sound was no longer an issue and I can now play with the acoustic drums without disturbing anyone. And they work well with drum mics.
   RCCG The Redemption House    

Aurora, Ontario, Canada

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