Drumtee mutes, the best way to quiet drums & quiet cymbals! retains tone!


Drumtee drum mutes and cymbal mutes open up a whole new world of drumming!


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Simply Quieter, Simply Amazing!

Drumtee mutes offer everything we needed and wanted in a drum damper, but could not find. Drumtee mutes allow you to experience drumming at a quieter level, that’s it. No sacrificing stick rebound. No sacrificing the underlying tone of the drum. 

No drum or cymbal is too small or too large for us to accommodate. Drumtee makes the best drum mutes and the best cymbal mutes to custom fit any size drum or cymbal. We want to help drummers everywhere fully enjoy drumming while helping to protect their hearing as well as the sanity of those around them. Drumtee mutes keep it fun! There is no better way to quiet drums and quiet cymbals while still enjoying the experience of playing. Don't see your size? Drop us a line. support@drumtee.com.

Fatten Snare - Record Drums

Recording drums? You won't want to go in to the recording studio without Drumtees. Need to FATTEN your snare? Drumtee drum mutes are the best way to fatten a snare. Need to protect your drums and cymbals during transport? Drumtee mutes protect drums and protect cymbals from show to show.

So Easy and Stays Put

Drumtee drum mutes are easily applied and removed in seconds, and never bounce off. Drumtee drum dampers and cymbal dampers are portable, durable, washable, reversible, and best of all, they work like nothing else!

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Westminster, Maryland, United States

Drumtee® mutes can also be tried out in person at Dales Drum Shop, Harrisburg, PA