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Our Drumtee® drum & cymbal mutes quiet your drums and cymbals without sacrificing any drumstick rebound. Drumtee mutes are made for ANY size drum or cymbal, including junior sets. They are useful for practice and performance. Drumtee mutes offer an easy on, secure fit. Drumtee mutes are easily removed, but never bounce off. Drumtee mutes are a great way to fatten your snare. Drumtee mutes are easy to store and transport. Use them for a unique sound, a quieter sound, or leave them on as an attractive and useful cover. Protect your hearing, protect your kit. To inquire about sizes not listed simply email us at and let us know what size/s you need. NOT SUITABLE FOR BASS DRUMS. DRUMS NOT INCLUDED.

Cymbals with Drumtees
Snare Drum with Drumtee Cymbal with Drumtee

Durable-Portable-Reversible-Affordable-Washable-Practical-Best of all, they work!