About Us

Drumtee® drum and cymbal mutes were created out of need. There is absolutely no other mute, dampener, on the market like them. In 2010 my son received his first drum kit. I was concerned about the loss of hearing that can and has affected so many drummers, and so my search to quiet his drums began. I looked for something that would eliminate the need for ear plugs for both him and those around him. I wanted him to be able to enjoy the full pleasure of playing his drums. I was amazed at what the market did NOT have to offer in the way of drum dampeners. I do not think muting a drum or cymbal should take away stick bounce and the real feel of drum playing. I believe it is impractical and inconvenient to have to disassemble a drum in any way to mute it.

Drumtee mutes offer everything we needed and wanted in a drum mute, but could not find. Drumtee mutes allow you to experience drum playing at a quieter level, that’s it. No sacrificing stick rebound. No sacrificing the underlying tone of the drum. They simply quiet drums. Very extensive research and testing has been done to ensure that Drumtee mutes are a durable, practical and effective product. Our many customers all over the world agree that they are. Fast forward to today, my son is an awesome drummer, thanks in part to the many hours of enjoyable practice he's had using Drumtees. We're sure you will enjoy using them too. No drum or cymbal is too small or too large for us to outfit, so give them a try. Thanks for checking us out!